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new york


184 Main Street Victoria 8007



    I like to think of the holistic room as a universal place, which by nature, like a chameleon, can be adapted to any eventuality. Within its walls, however, art flows sovereignly: this is why we periodically set up exhibitions of contemporary art by young artists. Come and discover new works of art, it could be love at first sight. You can also book a personalized massage and receive it in this room, surrounded by the beauty of art.

    Holistic activities

    Calming the mind, tone muscles, finding harmony between body and spirit are just some of the benefits of yoga. Here at Villa de Castelletta you can book yoga classes in my holistic room or, in the summer, in the outdoor garden. If you still don't practice yoga, discover the benefits of this ancient practice to regenerate mind and body.

    Digital detox trails

    In a reality increasingly digitized and hyper connected with computers, smartphones, tablets, etc., a regenerative break is what we need to get back in touch with ourselves and with others. We propose, in the setting of Villa de Castelletta and in the Fermo area, a digital detox path to return to explore our ego and the relationship with others, especially the people closest to us. Thanks to the collaboration with Wega, we propose a two days to get away from the digital world and start a spiritual and relational journey together.


    We go on holiday to get away from everyday life, to feel light and worry-free. Book your massage in the holistic room to enjoy moments of pure relaxation, reduce stress and loosen tissues and muscles. An experience that will satisfy all your senses, leaving you with a general feeling of relaxation and tonicity.

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