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    Imagine the warmth of sunlight at dawn awakening nature, accompanied by a steaming coffee and a private concert, or the magical atmosphere of an aperitif at sunset, with your feet in the pool but your eyes at a theatrical performance. In my villa, you can experience this and much more.
    In combination with your stay, you can book a private cultural experience: theatrical performances, concerts and sketches specially organized in my spaces, from the holistic room to the swimming pool, from the outdoor pergola to my small natural amphitheater.

    In front of the simple 18th century facade there was a large lawn, with a fountain on the left [which is still there] and a strange exotic tree planted by Adlard Welby on the right.

    The English in Italy, Joyce Lussu

    To better understand my closeness to the arts, I want to accompany you on a journey of discovery of my history: yes, because art and music have always lived within my walls. It all began with my masters in the 19th century, the Emiliani, a noble family from the Fermo area with a strong passion for music. Serafino Emiliani was in fact an acute musicophile, while Maria Maddalena Alaleona, his wife, came from the noble Alaleona family, known for her high academic contribution in the field of music theory. The couple used to stay here to spend relaxing moments surrounded by nature.
    However, it was with his son Giacomo, a well-known composer who lived in my home with his wife Adelaide Casson Welby since 1834, that music really began to live with me.
    Since then, it is as if my passion for art has never abandoned me. After all these years, music still flows within my walls: today Adriano Brando is the artist of the house. It is precisely his creativity, together with that of Priscilla, that stimulates the desire to organize musical events in my park with swimming pool, in the natural theatre, prepared for live shows of all genres, and in the holistic room on the first floor, also perfect for contemporary art exhibitions.

    Discovering opera

    Complete your trip to the Marche region with an unforgettable cultural experience: imagine a lukewarm evening by the pool with Italian history and opera. Maestro Riccardo Serenelli at the piano will accompany you on a magical interactive tour to discover the most famous operas. Make yourself comfortable, the sound of the piano and the Maestro's story will transport you into the world of La Traviata, Carmen, La Bohème, and many other great classics.

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    Opera Duo

    Whether it is a special occasion to celebrate, or simply an evening in the company of friends or a romantic moment, with this experience you can toast to the notes of La Traviata's toast, dance on Carmen's Habanera, ... Free your emotions with the interactivity of this experience in the enchanting setting of Villa de Castelletta, surrounded by nature and accompanied by Maestro Serenelli at the piano and the voice of a tenor (or a soprano, depending on the repertoire chosen), for a memorable evening.

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    Opera trio

    In the enchanting setting of Villa de Castelletta, after a dip in the pool or an afternoon of relaxation, you can relax on an evening where the melancholy but lively sound of the violin will accompany the piano and voice as the protagonist of this experience. Let yourself be transported on an interactive journey to discover the most famous arias of the opera repertoire, a unique experience rooted in the most Italian tradition of all, the Opera.

    Myths and folklore from the Sibylline Mountains

    The Sibillini are the cradle of ancient and precious myths, from the figure of the Apennine Sibyl to those, no less enigmatic, of Fairies with goat's feet and goblins called "Mazzamurelli". Starting from the events narrated by Antoine de La Sale and Andrea Barberino, the show tells and interprets the story of the hero known as Guerrin Meschino - his wanderings all over the known world, from Turkey to Ireland, passing through the Sibillini Mountains -, to compare his icon with that of other great heroes of the legendary Greek, Celtic and Norse traditions. The spectator is involved in a surprising journey into the fantasy tradition of the Marche and Europe, through a surprising blend of narrative theatre, philosophical divulgation and stand-up irony.

    Shakespeare Juke Box

    This show proposes an original and interactive journey through the theatre of William Shakespeare. The audience can choose from 22 different characters from the works of the Bard. The performance, which uses special cards, draws directly on the theory and iconology of the Tarot, for a fascinating journey through Shakespearean dramas that is at the same time an exploration into the archetypes of the human soul. Storytelling, acting and analysis of the meanings of the monologues proposed (in Italian and English) thus compose a unique show, full of comic and cabaret ideas that naturally mix with philosophical reflections. Each staging sees an unrepeatable story determined by the texts chosen by the audience through the cards, so that each replica of the show will compose a different journey, never the same as the previous one.

    I'm single because the universe is an ontological aporia...

    A monologue intertwining philosophy and cabaret, storytelling and stand-up comedy dedicated to the vicissitudes of a single male in the new millennium, reflecting on the contradictions and prejudices of his emotional loneliness in a tragicomic parallelism with the great Greek and Celtic myths, until reaching a fundamental conclusion: I am single because the universe is an ontological aporia.

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    Music in the villa

    Have you ever dreamed of a dinner in the garden of a villa, with live music in the background played and improvised at the moment? At Villa de Castelletta Relais all this is reality. You just have to think about dinner, Adriano Brando Alessandrini will think about creating the right atmosphere to enjoy your meal in the natural theater that offers the park of the villa. Thanks to his many years of experience both as a member of different bands and as a musician in the field of theatrical improvisation, the host will colour the atmosphere by plucking the strings of his guitar in order to make the experience even more magical and cheerful. Moreover, if you want, it is possible, a few days in advance, to ask the musician the kind of music or even specific songs you would like to listen to.

    Fuori Porta 

    FUORI-PORTA is a show of pantomime, music, improvisation and fantasy that will reflect onthe visible and invisible doors that we have opened and closed in our lives. A show that cleverly combines the mimic technique with comic dramaturgy. Both in the street theatre version and the stage show. Pantomime is a theatrical representation abandoned for its difficulty and bareness, where action and narrative are entrusted to gesture, body movements, and where facial expression is very powerful. The body is a strong tool for communicating with the public who is hypnotised by it, actively participating in the requests of a white coloured clown that could not bare the weight of such an unexpected gift all by himself. His lively eyes look for the spectator and capture him by creating an invisible wire in unprogrammed, absolutely improvised situations that arise from the ever-diverse audience inputs. The finale that sees the main actor, the festival manager and a little girl or boy from the audience in an evocative fairy-tale atmosphere.

    The lively eyes of the protagonist look for the spectator and ensnare him, creating an invisible thread in unplanned, absolutely improvised situations that arise from the audience's ever-changing inputs.
    A show suitable for young and old, able to excite and surprise from start to finish!

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    Welcome to a world where everything is possible, where a combination of acrobatics, fire, theatre, clowning, hand-to-hand, visual comedy and juggling will be ready to turn any evening into an unforgettable one!

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